Safety Tips for a Spectacular Summer


Bust out the pool noodles and ice-pops because summer is here! Honestly, what’s better than enjoying a nice summer day outside with your little?
While playing outside until all hours of the night is a certain perk of summer, we know that increased play can also lead to a higher risk of injury – especially during those warmer days. To ensure that this summer will be one of your most spectacular summers yet, we want to offer these five safety tips to you for your consideration:

  1. Sunscreen

We know it’s not the most fun task in the world to properly lather sunscreen all over your little, but nonetheless – it’s absolutely necessary. Proper sunscreen protection plays a pivotal role in protecting children from harmful UV rays, sunburn, skin cancer and blotchiness – just to name a few. We recommend that you play it safe and protect their skin (and yours) from the sun this summer.

  1. Hydration

It sounds simple, but it can be so easy to neglect proper hydration – especially when you’re having fun! Dehydration, even if only mild, can cause tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration, reduced mental performance and dry skin. For further tips on proper hydration we recommend that you visit here.

  1. First Aid Kit

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we highly recommend that every family invest in a personal first aid kit. This will better equip you to handle those unforeseeable accidents where you may need to bandage a wound or wrap-up a sprain.

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  1. Spare Clothes

Keeping spare clothes packed at all times may not seem like an obvious “safety issue” but trust us – always being prepared with extra clothes is important for your protection… and your sanity. You’re always one accident away from needing an outfit change. It’s best to play it safe because there is nothing spectacular about having to cut all of the fun short since you’ll have to go back home to change.

  1. Teach Road Safety Rules

Far too many children are injured each year while playing outside on the road. While we are all for outdoor activities, it’s very important that children understand the rules of the road and that they always wear a helmet while biking, skating or roller-blading. As often as possible, we encourage you to rehearse rode safety rules with your children.

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