Pathways Curriculum

Fundamental Information

Monthly Thematic Units-Golden Path develops monthly thematic units that are implemented through the weekly lesson plans.

Lesson Plans– Golden Path lesson plans are completed on a bi-weekly basis by your classroom teacher and are always available for parents to review.

Learning Path Centers- Golden Path has developed defined learning centers for all classrooms. These are spaces that are designed to cultivate your child’s learning. Each center is intended with a specific purpose in mind, teachers manipulate the centers according to the developmental skills they are concentrating on that month.

Small group activities- Starting in our Beginning Preschool program, your child will have an opportunity to participate in small group activities during center time. This is a time for teachers to focus on the individual child, paying close attention to specific developmental strengths and weaknesses.

Assessments-Golden Path utilizes different forms of assessment depending the need of the child. Our teachers complete observations and anecdotal assessments on an ongoing basis

Progress Reports- Will be completed by your child’s teacher and provided at your parent conference

Parent Conferences- Are held twice a year, and are always available upon request.


Developmental Domain Concentrations

Social/ Emotional Development– As our primary focus, Golden Path emphasizes the development of a strong, healthy self-concept for children to build an understanding of their emotions. Lending to increased self-regulation and behavior within the framework of positive, responsive relationships with others. Through these skills we will incorporate an understanding of the Christian faith and teachings, using this as the foundation to promote and build character.


Approach to Learning- Golden Path will emphasize on building your child’s interest in learning. Relating to all temperaments, in order to develop positive attitudes, habits and styles that reflect the many ways that children involve themselves in learning


Language and Literacy– Golden Path will provide opportunity for your child’s understanding the meaning and structure of words and sentences. We will develop how your child uses words to convey a message and how they understand and use printed materials.


Cognitive Development– Golden Path will inspire your child’s acquisition of information and understanding about basic concepts, natural phenomena, and social interactions and functions.


The Arts– Golden Path has an enhanced curriculum that includes dance arts, music, theatre arts, and visual arts through which young children develop independence, self-esteem, and self-expression and through which they integrate other domains such as mathematics, science, cultural histories, language, and social cooperation.


Physical Development– Golden Path will encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through a relatively predictable sequence, with good health practices that foster the knowledge and skills needed to thrive physically.