Pathways Curriculum

Golden Path Academy Pathways Curriculum is based on the best practices that integrate the works of early child development theorists Erick Erickson, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky. We believe that children learn best through hands-on experience and by providing those experiences in a safe, structured environment, they will grow to their maximum potential. Our Christ-centered approach allows the children of Golden Path to discover the lifelong values of love and kindness.

Pathways Curriculum follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices set forth by the Virginia Early Learning Development Standards.


Developmental Domain Concentrations

Social/ Emotional Development– As our primary focus, Golden Path emphasizes the development of a strong, healthy self-concept for children to build an understanding of their emotions. Lending to increased self-regulation and behavior within the framework of positive, responsive relationships with others. Through these skills we will incorporate an understanding of the Christian faith and teachings, using this as the foundation to promote and build character.

Approach to Learning- Golden Path will emphasize on building your child’s interest in learning. Relating to all temperaments, in order to develop positive attitudes, habits and styles that reflect the many ways that children involve themselves in learning.



Language and Literacy– Golden Path will provide opportunity for your child’s understanding the meaning and structure of words and sentences. We will develop how your child uses words to convey a message and how they understand and use printed materials.



Cognitive Development– Golden Path will inspire your child’s acquisition of information and understanding about basic concepts, natural phenomena, and social interactions and functions.



The Arts– Golden Path has an enhanced curriculum that includes dance arts, music, theatre arts, and visual arts through which young children develop independence, self-esteem, and self-expression and through which they integrate other domains such as mathematics, science, cultural histories, language, and social cooperation.



Physical Development– Golden Path will encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through a relatively predictable sequence, with good health practices that foster the knowledge and skills needed to thrive physically.

Developmental Continuum

 Click the link above for the Continuum of Developmental Skills Birth – Five (Available upon request)

Pathways Learning Path

Early Childhood educators at Golden Path Academy are highly qualified professionals who plan children’s activities that are integrated and catered to all learning styles. Pathways curriculum emphasizes on achieving milestones through well-rounded activities that promote learning in all content areas and domains. 
We follow weekly themes that revolve around different learning topics that interest the students of Golden Path Academy. In addition, we have extracurricular programs that go hand in hand with our curriculum to deliver a well-rounded learning experience for our students. Golden Path Academy has Spanish classes that expose and teach the children conversation starters, familiar words/ concepts and fun songs. We use Think Orange for our Chapel curriculum to educate our learners about God’s love and kindness through appropriate songs and stories.
Aside from that, we utilize Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to strengthen language and literacy skills of students ages three years and up. Golden Path Academy put high importance to social-emotional skills, therefore we use Second Step and A Little Spot of Emotions to ensure healthy emotional regulation and positive relationships.