Lindsey Kilgannon

Executive Director & Co-Owner

In partnership with an amazing group of people, I will be serving as the Executive Director of Golden Path Academy. You will see me throughout the week at both GPA locations. 

I have a passion for children and their families. I have worked in the education field for 17 years. I earned an associate’s degree in early childhood development and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I also hold many certifications ranging from behavior management to the importance of play.  I began my career in New York as a pre-kindergarten teacher, but found a passion for special education and behavior management. This passion led me to work as a Head Start family case worker. I was then fortunate enough to begin working as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator for my county school district. My role was to support families and children with special needs, and coordinate all intended services.

In 2008 I moved to Virginia, and quickly fell in love with the community and the preschool programs. I have been a program director for the past seven years, most recently serving as the executive director for the largest Christian preschool program in Northern Virginia. Knowing that God has an all trusting plan, in 2017 I began the journey to partner in the development of Golden Path Academy. Alongside an incredible team, I am excited to provide the very first, stand-alone, Christian early childhood academy.

I’m also a mom of all boys (where I have probably gained the most experience) and a wife of an elementary PE teacher. I believe in teaching the whole child, and that the preschool years are crucial to our character development. Christ is at the center of my life and I’m all trusting in His plan. During my free time, I’m a fitness enthusiast and enjoy teaching cycle. I love to be positive and to bring joy into other people’s lives. I’m looking forward to getting to know you while partnering in the development of your child’s early learning years.

Lindsey Kilgannon
Executive Director & Co-Owner

Adrienne Muich

Co-Director, Sterling

Kathy Deluca

Co-Director, Stephenson

Keairra Banks

Co-Director, Stephenson

Sterling Teaching Teams

Opening Manager: Ms. Katelin
Closing Manager: Ms. Takiea

Infant 1: Ms. Sara K. & Ms. Martha
Infant 2: Ms. Nancy, Ms. Wajia, & Ms. Carla
Infant 3: Ms. Mirtha, Ms. Meiby, & Ms. Sarah K.
Toddler Gold: Ms. Lexi, Ms. Cathy, & Ms. Maria
Toddler Blue: Ms. Teresa & Ms. Yenni
Beginning Preschool Gold: Ms. Andrea & Ms. Samantha
Beginning Preschool Blue: Ms. Shirley & Ms. Casey
Beginning Preschool White: Ms. Kelyn & Ms. Karen
Intermediate Preschool Gold: Ms. Beatrix, Ms. Avery, & Ms. Maddie
Intermediate Preschool Blue: Ms. Sarah F., Ms. Sarah D., & Ms. Donna
PreK Gold: Ms. Ashley & Ms. Jackie
Jr Kindergarten: Ms. Katy, Ms. Florence, & Ms. Ana
Kindergarten: Ms. Samira
School Age: Ms. Magdi, Ms. Madison, & Ms. Corinne

Stephenson Teaching Teams

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Taylor

Infant 1: Ms. Julie & Ms. Sarah
Infant 2: Ms. Quaneshia & Ms. Marilyn
Infant 3: Ms. Christina & Ms. Lori
Toddler Gold: Ms. Shannon, Ms. Becca, & Ms. Makenzie
Beginning Preschool Gold: Ms. Liz & Ms. Mercy
Beginning Preschool Blue: Ms. Mackenzie & Ms. Nadine
Intermediate Preschool Gold: Ms. Desiree & Ms. Michaela
Intermediate Preschool Blue: Ms. Dayana & Ms. Caitlyn
PreK Gold: Ms. Amanda & Ms. Jenny
PreK Blue: Ms. Nisha & Ms. Lizzy
School Age: Ms. Ambria & Ms. Kimie

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