HELP – My Little Isn’t So Little Anymore!


5 tips for letting go while our children grow


Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced veteran, we can all understand that while hours sometimes feel like days, many times months flash by in what feels like minutes. Time has a way of greeting us while simultaneously escaping our midst. Within what sometimes feels like just a few short months, the infant we once rocked to sleep each night is now sporting a flag football t-shirt and asking if he can have a sleep-over with his friends. As we step into a brand-new school year, I can imagine that many of us are having a difficult time coping with the fact that our little’s aren’t so little anymore. Whether you just sent your first born into the 1st grade or you’re going back to work and enrolling your toddler into a great childcare program; here are 5 tips for letting go while our children grow.


  1. Children Are a Gift to The Future.

Parenting is a major responsibility, but it is also an incredible gift.

Our children are like arrows. It is our job to form them, shape them, set them up for success and then launch them forward. When we lead our children well, they are able to leave us and progress towards their destiny. The goal of parenting isn’t to hold onto our children forever; rather, it is to shoot them forward into their full potential.


  1. Growth Is Uncomfortable & Often Times Messy.

Our children have never been children before and many of us have never been parents before; therefore, things can get messy – and that’s okay! It’s hard to help our children grow, but growth always is difficult. Don’t resist the chaos, embrace it. The journey of parenting is different for everyone, but one thing is always the same, you don’t get to rewind and do it again so enjoy each moment – especially the hard and messy ones because that’s when we each grow the most.


  1. Growing Up Can Be Hard on Them as Well.

Our children may not always have the language to express how they are truly feeling, but big transitions are hard for them as well. During transitions, many children act out, get frustrated easily, or behave differently than usual. The best course of action during tough transitions is to show your children extra love and patience.


  1. Our Children Require Outside Interactions.

While many of us might want to hold onto our young ones forever, the truth is that our children need the growth that occurs from interacting with different children, families, cultures, and backgrounds. Keeping our children away from the outside world can often harm them more than help them. By letting go we can help our children grow!


  1. Independence Is a Sign of Healthy Parenting.

One way to cultivate the potential within our children is to provide ways for them to make decisions (and even fail) while they are still under our provision and protection. Granting our littles an appropriate amount of independence as they grow can equip them to better manage their opportunities and responsibilities later in life.


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