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The GPA private kindergarten curriculum is designed to meet the benchmarks of the Virginia Standards of Learning. (Click the headings below to learn more about Virginia SOLs)

Students in private kindergarten at GPA will be assessed using the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS test) twice during the school year. Initial testing offers a benchmark of literacy knowledge. A final assessment shows growth over the course of the school year. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice during the school year and offer time for those involved in your child’s education to touch base about your child’s growth and goals.

In addition to academic growth, social-emotional growth is encouraged and developed. When students graduate kindergarten with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught with evidence-based Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), they’re set up for successful years ahead.

Golden Path Academy is excited to welcome your joyous kindergartner into our private kindergarten program. For kindergarten students, there is much to discover and a whole world to learn about and to explore.

Virginia Standards of Learning

Language Arts

In Language Arts, students will learn how print is organized and read. They will be able to demonstrate an understanding that print conveys meaning and they will continue to expand their vocabulary.


Numbers are fun, and in kindergarten we use different manipulatives to learn while playing. Manipulatives offer a concrete way to represent a number and to demonstrate mathematical thinking. As the school year progresses, this concrete thinking begins to transition into abstract and mental math processes.

Social Studies

Maps, globes, being a good citizen… There is a whole lot to learn about this world of ours. In kindergarten, students will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by using basic map skills to support an understanding of the community.


Science in kindergarten is all about investigation, reasoning and logic. Our students are introduced to concepts such as magnetic forces, states of matter (water cycles), the life processes of plants and animals and much more!

Explore a sample weekly lesson plan here.

View a sample daily schedule here.

Parent Testimonials

Golden Path Academy provides a safe and exciting learning environment that allows our daughter to explore a multitude of topics, including writing, reading, math, history, practical life skills, and even current events (in an age appropriate way) through a variety of methods. She is excited to go to school in the morning and to tell us about what she’s learning through their curriculum and also about her interactions with her classmates when she gets home at the end of the day. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the GPA community and have the opportunity to prepare our daughter for what’s to come with the very best foundation possible.

A., kindergarten mom 2020-2021

What a blessing the private kindergarten program at GPA has been for our family during this time of uncertainty. The teachers do an amazing job of keeping activities consistent, fun, and challenging. They provide continued encouragement and guidance to the children and communicate effectively with the parents. This program has instilled the confidence and academic foundation that our daughter needs to be prepared for her next school year!

L., kindergarten mom 2020-2021

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