Camp Sprout is a school age camp experience like no other! Your student will experience fun filled, activity packed, theme-based weeks of camp. Our campers will have a designated swim day and a field trip day every week. While on campus, we will be having a blast through focused activities that each relate to the theme of the week. Spots are filling up fast so make sure to contact us today!


SESSION 1: GREAT OUTDOORS (June 18th – 22nd)

Campers will explore the great outdoors and discuss nature and natural sciences. Students will also enjoy a hike and picnic lunch at Great Falls Park. Classroom activities include discussions of animal life cycles, habitats, and classifications.


SESSION 2: MUSIC AND MOVEMENT (June 25th – 29th)

Everybody loves music! This week campers will listen to various types of music and instruments. A visit to a local music venue will be the highlight of the week.


SESSION 3: PARTY IN THE USA (July 2nd – 6th) *closed on July 4th

American history will be the focus of this week. Campers will examine American life through various centuries and decades. Campers will work together to create a large scale time line of important events in American history. A field trip to a historical site will cement what campers have learned in the classroom.


SESSION 4: SUPERHERO CAMP (July 9th – 13th)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Super-Kid! Campers will use their imaginations to create super personalities. Then we will put our superhero’s to work by creating our own comic books. Use your superpowers to fly as we visit iFly for a STEM field-trip and flight simulation.


SESSION 5: MAD SCIENTISTS (July 16th – 20th)

Campers will experiment with crazy concoctions and ridiculous reactions at Mad Scientist camp! A visit to Curiosity Zone in Ashburn will help highlight ideas learned at camp.


SESSION 6: SPORTS MANIA (July 23rd – 27th)

Run, jump and play! Students will participate in a variety of physical activities. The week will be highlighted by a trip to a local sports and adventure park.


SESSION 7: THE ARTS (July 30th – August 3rd)

Our artists will spend the week exploring famous pieces of art and the artists who created them. We will visit a local art gallery to see art up close! Campers will explore various types of art media and create their own masterpieces.


SESSION 8: KIDS IN THE KITCHEN (August  6th – 10th)

Let’s eat! Campers will enjoy several cooking activities and learn how to read and follow a recipe. Campers will learn more about food supply and where their food comes from during a visit to Temple Hall Farm. We will also enjoy lunch out of a local restaurant.


SESSION 9: CONSTRUCTION ZONE (August 13th – 17th)

Building, designing and engineering will be highlighted this week. Campers will design their own city and plan for the future. A field trip will allow students to take their new knowledge into the real world!


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